How does an online auction work?

Our online auctions have items to bid on placed in lots. All of the lots are categorized and listed in an online catalog with pictures and description for you to easily browse each item. Most of our auctions will be open for bidding for 7 to 14 days, but can be longer or shorter depending on the seller's needs.


How do I bid?

Only registered and approved users can bid on our auctions, therefore it is very important to register first. Once you're registered, search the lots available for bidding by going to the dashboard or click the Find Items tab. When you have found an item you would like to place a bid on, place your max bid in the box and then hit the submit tab. You can check your active bids on the dashboard and see the bids the have won and lost. Remember, your bid on an item is a legally binding contract.


What is a Max Bid?

A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for that lot. When entered, the auction software will bid on your behalf up to your max bid, but only if another bidder has outbid you. You only pay what the item is bid up to, not your max bid. Your max bid is only disclosed to you.


Why should I use Max Bid?

By using a max bid, you can ensure your bids will be placed by our software even if you cannot be at the computer to bid. This minimizes the chances of you missing out on one or many lots. You can always raise your max bid by entering a higher number in the max bid box and clicking Submit Bids at the bottom of the page. You may not lower your max bid, however.


Can I Reverse a Bid?

Once a bid has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled. If the bid is an obvious mistake (missing a decimal point, for example) please call 407-809-4622 ext 1001 and we can review the situation. If SoSRx is not contacted and has confirmed the change before the auction closes, you are liable for your bid.


How do I know I am the highest bidder?

If you are outbid, a notification will be sent to your email address.

How do I know I have won the bid?

A notification will be sent to you via email or text. You can also check the dashboard under the bids won tab.


Do all lots end at one time?

SoSRx utilizes a staggered ending. This minimizes the chances that you as a bidder will miss out on an item. If all items ended at one time, it would be impossible to bid at the last second on more than one item. Staggered ending means we may have one, two, or even five lots ending each minute. This allows you to focus only on the items that are ending, and allows you to bid at the last second throughout the entire auction. If a bid is placed within the last minute on a lot, that lot will have bidding extended for up to three minutes to allow other bidders a chance to bid. The lot will close to bidding when no bid has been placed within the last minute. Be sure to click refresh to keep the page updated. The auction pages do not automatically refresh.


When and how do I pay?

SosRx will generate a PO for you or you can submit your own purchase order number to the manufacturer. Instructions will be sent via email.


Where are the items located?

In the manufacturer's warehouse.


Who will see my information?

Your bidder profile and personal information is private and strictly confidential. Your information will not be sold or disclosed to anyone for any purpose.